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Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

September 30, 2008

When I first read Bloom, I thought that Elizabeth Scott had an incredible talent for getting the teen voice right.  I had no idea how talented she was until I heard Alice, and scarier, Ray.  “Words are just letters, A-L-I-C-E, and I know the ones he wants to hear,”  we hear in Alice’s head.  And we don’t want to hear this story; the story of Alice, an abducted and sexually abused girl.  But it’s a story that deserves to be told, and I can only imagine that if Alice’s story was one you knew, you would have to find the words to tell it, to find hope, to want grace.  Death is the only respite imaginable for Alice, but anyone reading this story will be forced to find the truth and another girl’s story, the story Alice can’t even see through to the end.  This book is a must read for all of us who cannot imagine how this happens. For those who may be living these lies, we must learn to listen.


The Ghost’s Child by Sonya Hartnett

September 2, 2008

There is just enough magic in Sonya Hartnett’s writing to connect with the young adult reader I once was…  The Ghost’s Child is a wistful blend of Maddy’s looking back and exploring her love for the mysterious Feather and of course, her bond to her fay.  Reading Hartnett reminds me of reading Ruth M. Arthur’s books way back when.  I was caught up in this book trying to place the right reader when I realized that reader was me!  And I’d like to believe that there are girls today who would take a look at this quiet love story and find themselves too.