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The Knife of Never Letting Go

December 23, 2008

Patrick Ness is a masterful storyteller surrounding us with the Noise of Todd’s Prentisstown and the silence of Viola in a quest for a true new world. We follow by turns hopeful and hopeless, as madness and lies pursue Todd and Viola. Sometimes I enjoy a book so very much and hope for a sequel. This time I must have it! You must read this one – share it with your fans of dystopias, coming-of-age, sci-fi, fantasy and everyone who loves a good story!


Headlong by Kathe Koja

December 15, 2008

headlongKathe Koja’s latest is a great story of the lifecycle of  a friendship.  The fact that Hazel is a scholarship student & that Lily lives outside the life of the Vaughn Virgins, and their romantic interests become the background story as their friendship propels them deeper into their own lives. I loved this look at how intense and encompassing friendships are to teens in the present and throughout a life.  I loved the honest portrayal complete with the loss that ripples with a splash onto a life well lived.